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the triumph. the glory.

Among The Stars: Supernova

The Rainbow 6 SI competition is the pinnacle of success for every professional R6 player. 

This is the story of Spacestation Gaming, who was once the best team in the world. After fighting against the previous years champions to qualify for the event, they begin their uphill battle to reclaim the hammer.

When a World Championship team decides to change the formula, people pay attention.

Picking up some of the most notable players in North America to build a brand new system is no small task. 

SSG built a team of superstars and we wanted to showcase that talent and personality with this announcement.

SSG's New R6 Superteam

2022 SSG Pro Gear 

Legacy and Triumph are the pillars of Spacestation Gaming.

The backbone of all of that legacy is the fans who support it. The Pro Gear collection is for the superfans who want to rep that SSG pride.

We wanted to pay homage to the past jerseys and teams who helped SSG become what it is today.

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