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Creative Storytelling.

The Halo Design Process

Getting the opportunity to get full creative freedom for one of the most well known gaming franchises in history is no small feat.

But, what pressure and excitement does that put on the ones actually doing the designing? Follow Brenda and Maris as they explain how they came to the designs that made it onto the official SSGxHalo Merch.

Investigating The Scuf Scandal 

When the biggest name in console controller's approaches you to resign with them for a 3rd go big!

The Scuf Scandal brought a fun and refreshing twist to the 'announcement' genre of videos we so often see.

Big Game Energy Contest

Big Game Energy wanted to go big with the announcement of their new energy drink!

Giving away 7 Pelican Cases filled with drinks and a custom Xbox One! So we wanted to make the announcement standout just as much.

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