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Halo Majors - Kansas City

Halo Majors are the opportunity for any player and any team to show up and take the trophy. 

Kansas City brought the energy with the Kansas City Pioneers showing up for their hometown!

The energy can be felt from the crowd and event in this video, get ready to get hyped!

Johnny Cupcakes x True Value

Johnny Cupcakes is the king of pop culture!

Johnny is known for his unorthodox way of thinking when it comes to marketing. 

We had the pleasure of being able to capturing one of his keynotes in San Antonio and were excited to bring his fun style to the vision of this video!

Halo Worlds Seattle

Halo Worlds is where the best teams collide for the title of World Champions!

But, there are storylines all throughout the event that go unnoticed. I wanted to showcase a little of everything to help you feel the energy of this once a year event!

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